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Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a regular part of our lives, In many cases, effective conflict resolution can make the difference between positive and negative outcomes

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A state of being satisfied, a spiritual concept that God has given us enough, therefore relieving us from the desire and pursuit of more outside of a relationship with God

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The foundational experience of a Christian life involving: belief (faith) in God, repentance of sin, acknowledgement of falling short of God's glory and confession that Jesus Christ is the Son of God

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Cross of Christ

The central climax of the Bible narrative... It’s effect is felt on every part of scripture

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The environment which we find ourselves in relationship to, and the area we are called to reach

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The experience by which we pass from our natural life into our eternal existence

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Discipleship (Spiritual Maturity)

A word describing the students of Jesus during his ministry which is still used to describe his followers today

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Divorce and Remarriage

Reclaiming broken marriages and healing from the hurts of past relationships

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To be uncertain about, which is common in relationship to faith in Jesus, and a lifetime walk with him.

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The celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection and victory over sin

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