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Kingdom Of God

According to Jesus, the Kingdom of God is within (or among) people,[Lk 17:20-21] is approached through understanding[Mk 12:34] and entered through faith like a child,[Mk 10:15] spiritual rebirth,[Jn 3:5] and doing the will of God.[Mt 7:21] It is a kingdom that will be inherited by the righteous.[1Cor 6:9] The phrase, "Kingdom of God," is found in the Gospel of Mark, the Gospel of Luke, and the Gospel of John, with "echoes" in Paul, despite the fact that the "Kingdom of God" is not Paul's preferred way of speaking." The phrase is also found in various writing styles such as parable, beatitude, prayer, miracle story and aphorism.[2] The Gospel of Matthew usually does not use the phrase "Kingdom of God," but uses "kingdom of heaven," perhaps because the author of the Gospel of Matthew did not wish to offend Jewish people in the Jesus Movement of the early church

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Justification is God's act of declaring or making a sinner righteous before God

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The emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune that goes deeper than just happiness which is a surface emotion. Joy is a deep seated state of being related to an internal view of life and it’s circumstances

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